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Sony PlayStation 3

Sony Playstation 3
PS3, The Latest and Greatest

We know you've been up all night playing your PS3 since you got it, and we appreciate that. Now the buttons on your remotes and controllers are wearing off and your headset has taken a beating so treat your PS3 to something nice today and pick up some new accessories for it. Here at HDE we know you want nice things for your PS3 but you can't keep shoveling out the money on expensive accessories, which is why you're here and why we're in business.

5 Port USB Hub for PS3 and PS3 Slim by HHC Games
Adapter compatible with Xbox 360 Controller To PS3 Controller
Aluminum PS3 Controller Buttons
AV Multi Out to Component Video/Audio Cable compatible with Sony PS2 & PS3
Black Silicone Skin compatible with PS3 Controller
Charge Cable compatible with PS3 Controller
Dual Charging Station compatible with Sony PS3 Controllers
Gaming Starter Bundle for Sony® Playstation 3 + Micro-fiber Cloth
Glow in the Dark Silicone Skin Compatible with PS3 Controllers
LED Dual Controller Charging Stand for Sony PS3
Optical Digital Audio Cable - 1.5M / 5ft
Orange Silicone Skin Compatible with PS3 Controllers
PS2 to PS3 Game Controller Adapter
Red Silicone Skin fits PS3 Controllers
Silicone Skin fits Playstation 3 Controller - Light Blue
USB 2.0 Male to Female Extension Cable - 3M / 9.84ft

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Sony PlayStation 3