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Green Project

Green Project

You've already taken the first step!

By visiting and shopping online, rather than driving to a store, you've saved gas and limited carbon dioxide emissions into the air! We care about the environment and helping preserve our planet, especially in light of the recent natural and man-made disasters.


We recycle as much as we can, from the cardboard boxes we receive shipments in, to the old paper print-outs we use as scrap paper before recycling them. All the invoices you receive and all our office memos are printed on 100% recycled paper.

Effort to Reduce Packaging

We try to cut down on the bulk wherever we can. This is why many of our products arrive to you in a slim, clear, plastic bag. By reducing the size and weight of each product we ship out, it helps reduce fuel consumption for the transportation of your orders! It also reduces the amount of trash that gets thrown away when you receive your order.


In some orders, you may have to dig through newspapers and other scraps of paper to get to your order. No, we're not trying to give you our trash! It's just that reusing newspapers/other papers are just as effective as Styrofoam peanuts to protect your order from shipping damage.

In the office, we limit the consumption of throwaway cups, bottles, and plates by using reusable mugs and plates, and refillable water containers.

When any one of our computers keel over, we use as many of its operable parts as we can. With the smarts of a few computer savvies here, we're saving landfills, one computer part at a time!


We try to use our cars as little as we need to. Whenever we have an appetite for the same lunch spots, we all (safely) pile into a car for our lunch break. Not only do we save gas, we save lunch boredom by having company to eat with.


Although energy use is inevitable--we can't operate by candlelight, we just can't--we do our best to control the amount of energy we use on a daily basis by turning off unnecessary lights, limiting air conditioning and heat, and setting our computers to go to sleep after 45 minutes of inactivity.

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Green Project