HDE Shower Caddy Mesh Bag College Dorm Bathroom Carry Tote Hanging Organizer (Pink)

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Bring all your essentials to the shower in a single trip! The HDE Shower Caddy is the perfect companion for the college kid rushing to get ready for class, the gym member trying to bring everything with them after a hard workout, the gardener looking for a convenient way to carry their tools, or simply a parent trying to stay organized during bath time. Choose from a variety of colors to fit your style and experience what this shower carrier can do for you.

Got a lot of things you like to bring with you when you shower? Not a worry! This mesh tote bag is designed with eight compartments suitable for all your storage needs (shampoo, towel, toothbrush, deodorant, etc.). Two large pockets on either side of the carrier can hold your larger items while smaller pockets rounding the sides carry soaps, lotions, and cosmetics. The largest middle compartment is perfect for towels, loofahs, and more!

This caddy is all about convenience, which means when you don't have your hands free, you need a way to keep your stuff off the ground and away from water! The heavy-duty stitched handle holds up to strenuous weight and makes transporting everything to your destination easier. It also doubles as a handy way of hanging up your bag in the shower for easy access to all your necessities.

Each bag is crafted from flexible, yet durable mesh material. The mesh allows for quick drying after bath time and is completely collapsible for easy storage and travel when not in use. Unlike its counterparts that can be bulky or develop rust, the carrier is completely machine-washable. No more foul smells or fear of mold/mildew forming. Just make sure to hang dry it to preserve the mesh material.

  • Durable, heavy duty handle makes it easy to carry essential bath accessories to the bathroom | Doubles as a hanging organizer on a hook
  • Large center storage for towel & Loofah | smaller exterior pockets make it easy to bring soap, body wash, shampoo, hair brush, tooth brush, toothpaste and more
  • Mesh fabric collapses for easy packing and contains no metal making it completely rust proof | Allows water to run out to ensure no mold or mildew build up
  • Coated mesh bag can be wiped clean by hand or machine washed in gentle cycle | Hang dry only
  • Ideal accessory for communal bathrooms | bring to School, the gym, swimming pool, camping, travel kids can pack their toys for tub time