HDE Collar Stays, Collar Extenders for Mens Shirts, Tie Clip Tack Invisible Stay, & Waist Extenders

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HDE men’s portable tailor set keeps you looking sharp in a pinch.

Set includes:

40 Collar Stays to keep your dress shirts looking crisp and won't cut through or fray your shirt.

6 Collar Extenders that will stretch your collar up to an extra ½ inch.

6 Waist Extenders that will provide additional room in your waist for all day comfort.

10 Tie Stays to keep your tie stationary and out of the office paper shredder, thus reducing risk of injury, ensuring cleanliness, and keeping you looking your best.

Give the gift of preparedness to the man in your life this holiday season, birthday, or as an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.

  • HDE men's fashion hack kit is like a portable tailor, includes the most useful accessories in mens formalwear that no one knew they needed
  • Can't keep your shirt collar in place? Answer: Metal collar stays replace the flimsy plastic stays, so your shirt collar has structure and keeping them in place | Comes in 4 sizes, 10 pieces per size
  • Your favorite dress shirt a tad too tight? Answer: Shirt collar extenders give you the extra room | Includes 6 collar extenders
  • Dipped your tie in your lunch or coffee? Answer: Hidden tie stays keep your tie secure and in place | Includes 10 tie stays
  • Came back from vacation 5 pounds heavier? Answer: Dress pant waist extenders | Includes 6 pant extenders