HDE Vertical Stand for Xbox One S Console Non Slip Upright Slim Cooling Base (Black)

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The vertical stand, designed for the Xbox One S, is easy to install in two simple steps. First, locate the two cut-outs on the bottom of your console which are located near the underside of the console by the power button. Next, match the slots with the vertical stand’s two prongs and begin to slide the system into the stand until you hear it snap into place. This will secure your console to the base without the worry of it detaching during gameplay. When you want to detach the stand, simply pull away in opposite directions until it unsnaps and slides off. We recommend attaching the stand when the system is powered off and empty of game discs to avoid any damage to your system's hardware or game discs in the process.

Airflow Capacity Keeping your console well ventilated is important to prolonging the life of the system. The lifted design allows for a direct air current to advertently pass through the bottom vents of the console and out the side vents to keep it from overheating during use. With a vertical stand, you can enjoy hours of gameplay without worrying about the console overheating due to poor ventilation. Note: It is recommended to use a vertical stand when standing the console vertically to avoid it overheating.

Space Saver Save some space by standing your console vertically in a Xbox One S stand. The stand allows your console to stand vertically allowing it to take up less room than it would be laying horizontally. It makes for easy storage in entertainment cases and other caches that may need the room. Note: Setting anything directly to the right of the console may affect ventaliation to the console.

​A Sturdy Base A sturdy base makes all the difference when it comes to the safety of your console. Located on the bottom of each stand is six micro stoppers that help keep your stand and console in place. You won’t have to worry anymore about the console tipping over unexpectedly during use; just be sure to make sure the stand is securely attached to the console.

  • 🎮 DESIGNED FOR XBOX ONE S: Sturdy vertical stand secures your Xbox One S in a vertical position and does not allow console to tip or lean
  • 🎮 STREAMLINED DESIGN: Riser shelf does not impede exhaust fans allowing for maximum air flow to your console without the worry of overheating
  • 🎮 SPACE SAVER: Space saving accessory eliminates clutter in your home entertainment center or TV stand
  • 🎮 EASY TO SETUP: Install the vertical stand in one simple step by sliding the stand's two prongs in to place on the bottom side of the console near the power button until a snap/click occurs for a secure fit
  • 🎮 COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with Microsoft Xbox One S console only | Does not work with Xbox One X

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