HDE 10 Pairs Womens Disposable Pasties Thin Adhesive Breast Nipple Covers (Holiday Pack)

The everyday, standard bra is a wonderful thing, but certain tricky tops and dresses can require something extra to handle the particular challenges provided by sheer fabric. Thankfully, HDE has a range of colorful solutions. Disposable, adhesive nipple covers will help you dress with confidence. These colorful discs cover most nipple and areola sizes, masking shape and color, and make skipping your undergarments feel a lot less dicey. Also great for running to prevent chaffing or for channeling your inner showgirl for an evening of provocative burlesque play, these covers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Wear your clothes without worry and purchase your nipple covers today!

  • Wear your clothes without worry | Thin and discreet nipple covers are the perfect way to go braless but modest in any outfit
  • A must have for every female, stick on pasties allow you to wear sun dresses, open back and other tops that you can't wear with a regular bra
  • Comfortable protective nipple covers are also a great way to prevent chaffing while jogging and for protection while tanning topless
  • Moisture resistant adhesive stays in place and is not affected by outside dampness or body sweat | Disposable covers made for one time use
  • Package Contents: 10 pairs of adhesive nipple covers | 1x presents, 1x candy cane crosses, 1x spider web, 1x pumpkins, 2x shamrocks, 2x small hearts, 1x red sequin stars, 1x US stars