HDE 8 Piece Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones Reusable Ice Cubes Chilling Rocks for Drinks and Beverages

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The HDE stainless steel whiskey stone set is the ideal gift for any connoisseur of fine spirits looking to enjoy a perfect glass of scotch, whiskey, or vodka. An efficient and classy way to keep your drink cool without watering down your top-shelf liquor, these whisky rocks are sure to add a touch of sophistication to your next cocktail party. Simply leave the whiskey stones in your freezer for a few hours, then add them to your preferred drink to instantly chill. Party guests will gravitate towards you out of curiosity, making these a great conversation-starter. You don’t always drink, but when you do, use HDE’s whiskey stones.

Easy and Safe to Use Avoid unnecessary handling and glass-chipping. The easy-grip, rubber-tipped tongs provide a safe and sanitary solution for adding these cool cubes to your beverage. Simply grip the ice with the included tongs and gently place in your glass; don't drop them in if you want to avoid chipping your expensive glassware! The non-slip rubber tips securely grip each cube for safe and accident-free addition to your drinks.

No More Watered-Down Drinks If you're the kind of liquor aficionado who likes to take their time savoring their favorite drink, these cubes will take it as slow as you need. Traditional ice cubes will melt when left in a glass of alcohol, which can lead to the bad experience of watering down your 12-year-old, finely aged bourbon. Not so with stainless steel whiskey stones! Moreover, they provide a touch of class to any beverage.

​Unique Gift Idea Avoid the boring pair of socks or necktie for dad. Instead, drop a tray of whiskey stones in his stocking this year! Ideal for holidays, birthdays, wedding, or simply as an unexpected gift at an unexpected time.

Save Freezer Space Smaller than a traditional ice tray, the plastic whiskey stone tray fits comfortably on any freezer ice tray shelf allowing you to maximize your freezer space.

​Package Contents 8 x Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones 1 x Non-Slip, Rubber-Tip Tongs 1 x Dishwasher-Safe Plastic Tray

  • Reusable ice cubes never melt | Favorite beverage will never taste diluted and watered down
  • Non-corrosive stainless steel cubes are odorless, tasteless, and non-porous | Will not scratch your glass or absorb tastes from the freezer
  • Includes dishwasher safe plastic tray to easily store in the freezer & non-slip rubber tip tongs
  • Place in freezer for 3-4 hours prior to using | Perfect for whiskey, vodka, wine, cocktails, beer, soda or any other drink
  • Great as a gift or for your next cocktail party during the holidays & a perfect summer solution

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