HDE Bandanas for Men - Bandana, Headband, Head Wrap, Dog Bandana 12 pack Paisley

Brand: HDE

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Whether you're a bandit, biker, or simply someone looking for a badass fashion accessory, a stylish bandana is just what you're looking for. With countless ways to wear and a variety of prints to choose from, bandanas are an ideal fashion accessory while still being a functional way to keep your head or face warm. Pick up multiple prints to switch up your style on the regular. After all, why limit yourself when there are limitless fashion possibilities?

  • 100% Cotton
  • Functional: Wear for work, fun, outdoors, hiking, camping, biking, riding, running, snowboarding, and more
  • Durable: Stitching on all sides provides increased durability for long life
  • Versatility: Double sided to be worn as a doo rag, wrist wrap, head scarf, dog collar, face mask, arm band, neck tie, and even gift wrapping
  • Sizing: 21 x 21 inches | 53.3 x 53.3 cm
  • Package Contents: 12x Paisley Pattern Bandanas