HDE Men's Big and Tall X-Back Clip Suspenders 1.5" Wide Adjustable 55" Long

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HDE's big and tall suspenders are an affordable alternative to your everyday belt, so go ahead and hang that belt up. Need a good reason? Belts draw more attention to your waistline and put more pressure on your abdomen, but these suspenders will draw more attention to the chest and shoulders. Suspenders create a vertical eye path that has a slimming effect; pair lighter suspenders with dark clothes or darker suspenders with light clothes to make more dramatic vertical lines.

Surprisingly, suspenders are also better for your posture! By applying pressure to your shoulders, you will unconsciously compensate by maintaining better posture when you're wearing suspenders. But make sure you get the right fit! These big and tall suspenders are perfect for tall men between 6'1" and 6'5" of average build, and great for men 5'8" to 6'1" who fall more into the "big" part of "big and tall."

If you are both big AND tall, or you wear your pants particularly low, you're going to want to look for 60" suspenders for a better, more secure fit. These 54" suspenders will have more strain on them, causing the clips to slip or even break.


Between Halloween, theme parties, or anime and comic conventions, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to flex your costuming muscles (or bones), and suspenders are a necessary part of numerous costumes.

Whether you're looking to be a dangerous mobster, an intrepid reporter, a large minion, a funny clown... a scary clown, or looking to do your best Urkel this year, a pair of HDE's big and tall x-back suspenders are just what you need to make your costume perfect this year.

These suspenders are adjustable at three points; each of the straps has an adjustable silver buckle on the front while the triangle on the back can be adjusted to wherever is most comfortable for you. Manufactured from high-quality woven elastic polyester, rest assured that these suspenders are a fashion accessory that is meant to last.

  • 100% Woven Elastic Polyester
  • High quality X-back style suspenders | Big and Tall sizing
  • Adjustable triangle back construction | Four metal clips attach tightly to any kind of pants or trousers
  • Suspenders are adjustable and stretch to conform to your body shape
  • Classy modern suspenders are great accessories for prom, wedding, or any other occasion
  • 1.5" Wide 100% woven elastic polyester | Adjustable up to 55”