HDE Men's Suspenders Tuxedo Y-Back Pant Braces: Button End Heavy Duty Metal Clip

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Rethink the way you think of suspenders! If you're an 80s or 90s kid, the word brings up thoughts of Family Matters and the iconic Steve Urkel, but with the right amount of self-confidence you can think of Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Gatsby or Wall Street’s, Gordon Gekko. Across the pond, they call them braces. Hipsters think they're ironic, but you fine sir are willing to bet that the cutie at Starbucks thinks their awesome. These suspenders give you the best of both worlds. The button end attachment gives you a distinguished look that takes things up a sartorial notch. The original, vintage clip-on gives you a quick and easy way to help you stand out. Either way you decide to wear them, the suspender look is bold yet sophisticated, classic yet hip, and undeniably suave.

  • Y-shape elastic suspenders are 1.5 inches wide, interchangeable convertible attachments give the wearer the option for a vintage clip-on look or a sophisticated button-end option
  • Includes a set of heavy duty alligator clips that grip & features a leather end "moustache" with a button hole on each end, as well as a set of buttons that can be sewn into tuxedo pants or suit trousers
  • Clip-on look is a great option for a century old period look, the everyday casual hipster look, and great for completing the nerd or dork look Halloween costume.
  • Button-tab Y-back suspenders show a certain attention to detail, telling people you intentionally decided to wear suspenders and completing the formal look for weddings, formal events, Broadway plays, church, symphony concerts and special occasions
  • Adjustable elastic suspender braces adjust up to 46" and fit people under 6' tall