HDE Non-Contact Infrared Ther mometer Digital Laser Surface Temperature Gun with Backlit LCD Display - Range -26°F to 716°F (-32° to 380° Celsius)

Accurate Temperature Readings at a Glance

Ready, aim, fire! This easy-to-use and accurate temperature gun is a must-have accessory for any homeowner. The red laser pointer allows you to precision target surfaces, then a simple pull of the trigger makes the LED display lights up showing the surface temperature of whatever the IR (infrared) laser hits. Or you can turn off the laser and the IR sensor will measure the ambient temperature of the room or surface, whatever the sensor is pressed against. The HDE Infrared Temperature Gun can switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius and is useful for everyday tasks as well as home improvement projects. Whether you're looking for insulation leaks or making sure your grill has reached prime sizzling hotness, this temperature gun does it all! Product Details:

Distance Spot Ratio: 12:1

Measurement Units: Celsius/Fahrenheit

LED Backlight

Response Time: 500ms

Auto Power Shut-Off

Automatic Data Hold

Low Battery Indicator

Please Note:

When the trigger is pulled, you will see a red dot on whatever surface you’re firing at. However, you will not see the laser beam itself.

Save Money on Yearly Energy Costs

You could have unnecessary home expenses without you knowing it! From leaky insulation to faulty cooling systems, there are plenty of energy-efficient improvements you could make to your home, if only you knew about them! That's where the HDE Infrared Temperature Gun can help. If you suspect a leak in the insulation around your front door, simply scan the IR sensor around the doorframe and the temperature sensor will show you any sudden drops in temperature. One quick insulation installation later and your home is more energy conscious! Faulty refrigerators, malfunctioning air conditioners, gaps in your doorframes; these things can all be discovered by a quick and easy temperature measurement. The HDE Infrared Temperature Gun helps you achieve a greener home and can reduce your annual energy bills.

One Tool, Multiple Uses!

Take all the guesswork out of grilling. Whether you want a sizzling three-hundred degrees or a roaring four-fifty, the HDE Infrared Temperature Gun lets you check how hot that grill is, so you can cook your meat just right every time. Please Note: This temperature gun measures surface temperature. It will not display the internal temperature of your food; a probe thermometer is recommended.

Temperature Gun will be within +/- 2 degrees of accuracy.

To reset: remove battery for 30 seconds then reinstall battery

To turn laser light indicator on/off: press the light button inside the battery compartment

The HDE Infrared Temperature Gun will find sudden drops in temperature around your window and door frames where they may not be properly insulated. Securing leaks and proper insulation are important for maintaining an energy-efficient and eco-friendly home. Lower the annual cost of air conditioning or heating your home by catching these thermal leaks where they lurk.

Need to find out if your vehicle is running hot? Avoid costly damage to your engine with a quick temperature check! Proper automobile maintenance can help improve the life of your car or truck, and periodically checking the surface temperature of your engine will help you spot warning signs before they become expensive repair jobs.

  • Versatile thermometer uses infrared technology for fast and accurate readings in various situations including cooking, barbecuing, auto maintenance, home repairs and other tasks
  • Built in laser takes the guess work out of what you are taking a reading on | Non-contact Class II Laser features 1mW power output for precise accurate readings
  • Digital LCD display with backlight gives clear readings in any lighting situation | Screen features auto off function and low battery indicator
  • Measurements can be presented in either Fahrenheit or Celsius (Range: -26 to +716 F / -32 to +380 C) | Accuracy rating up to +/- 2 degrees
  • Distance to Spot Ratio is 12:1 and provides more accurate readings at greater distances | Please Note: 2 AAA batteries required but not included

California Residents: Warning: Cancer or Reproductive Harm.
For More Info Visit: www.p65warnings.ca.gov