HDE Novelty $100 USD Dollar Bill Funny Money Currency Toilet Tissue Paper Roll

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Do you wish you had the financial stability to live like a king? It would be a dream come true to own a speedy little sports car, possess a fish tank filled with sharks, and have enough extra cash to use it as toilet paper. Rich or not, Ben Franklin is here to make you feel like a Fortune 500 CEO. Learn what it's like to live the high life with $100 bill toilet paper. It's time to have some fun and turn your toilet into an old-school cash register. Flush money in a toilet that accepts cash only.

  • Realistic $100 Bill design on each sheet
  • Triple ply for extra absorption 1.5x bigger than a normal size bill
  • Great gag gift and practical joke for the holiday gift giving season
  • Allows you to wipe like a millionaire without using real cash
  • Bathroom decoration any time of year