HDE Silicone Skin for Nintendo Switch Controllers Joy Con Gel Guards Anti-Slip Comfort Grip Contoured Left/Right Protective Covers (Black)

Sweaty palms and an uncomfortable grip can diminish your gaming experience and ruin your chance at a high score, but what if there was a way to prevent this from happening in the first place? The HDE Nintendo Switch Joy-Con skins offer the perfect solution to this problem.  Comfortable, ergonomic design provides for excellent hand feel and prevents fatigue and cramping, allowing you to up your game to the next level.

​What Color Suits You? The silicon-based skins come in pairs (one for each Joy-Con) with a variety of colors options. Each skin is equipped to lay flush with the Joy-Con's buttons while offering a form fitting seal to the controller. The skin offers additional rear grip, protection from sweat and moisture and helps preserve the controllers finish for years to come.    Available Colors:      -Black      -Blue      -Red      -Red and Blue      -Blue and Red

Functions and Features

The best thing about your new Nintendo Switch console is that it can go anywhere; just be sure to protect your investment. Feel as comfortable at home as you do outside holding your Switch with Joy-Con skins that provide a firmer grip to your device. With raised ergonomic handgrips on the bottom of each skin, it becomes the level of comfort every gamer should have in the palm of their hands.

All that questing and slaying monsters for hours can be wary on your hands and tablet. Rest assure your tablet is safe when you put it down. The Joy-Con skin design allows for easy handling when putting your tablet down and picking it up when you're ready to play again. The skins offer an extra layer of absorbent protection that helps shield from hard surfaces that could be damaging over time due to making contact with the tablet.

When you’re ready to begin or end your adventure for the day, removing/putting on the Joy-Con covers takes a mere few seconds to perform. There is no interference when attaching and detaching your Joy-Cons from the tablet; just eject the Joy-Con off/on the tablet and you’re set to proceed with your day. (Please note that covers will not work with Joy-Con Grip accessory or when docking the tablet)

  • Keep your hands comfortable and your console clean with silicone controller skins specifically designed for the Nintendo Switch
  • Skins protect against dirt, grime, and daily wear and tear | Easy to put on and take off thanks to soft silicone construction
  • Anti-slip coating provides increased grip for long gaming sessions | Curved back design makes console more comfortable to hold
  • Precise cut outs provide access to all buttons, triggers, and thumb sticks | Does not impede ability to attach and detach from console or Joy-Con straps
  • Easily clean by removing from console and apply warm soapy water | Please Note does not work with Joy-Con Grip

California Residents: Warning: Cancer or Reproductive Harm.
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