HDE USB to XLR Microphone Instrument Karaoke Cable 3 Pin XLR Female to USB 2.0 Male MIC Link Adapter (1 Pack, 10ft/3m)

Brand: HDE

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You take pride in your musical talent. Unfortunately, you don’t have the cash to record professionally. This is a major disappointment, as you’ve got a huge crush on a girl, and you want to sing your way into her heart. Record your own songs from the comforts of home utilizing this female to USB cable. Plug in your microphones, electric pianos, and other compatible instruments, and produce the hottest single this side of the street running perpendicular to your driveway. The girl will be impressed, making this the best 10 feet of cord you ever purchased.

NOTE: This balanced cable will work with all dynamic microphones. However for the use of condenser microphones it is required to have a phantom power. For a condenser mic you will have to buy phantom power, run a cable from the mic to the power, and then this cable from the power to your computer.

  • 🎤HIGH QUALITY RECORDING: Great for recording digital music, karaoke, and home audio recording | Low latency cable is suitable for a variety of recording uses and setups
  • 🎤EASY TO SETUP AND INSTALL: Plug and Play XLR female to USB adapter cable allows you to record from any XLR mic to a PC or Mac with no additional drivers needed
  • 🎤SIGNAL BOOSTER CHIP: Embedded A/D converter with audio signal boost provides clearest possible sound | A/D resolution chip works with both condenser and dynamic microphones
  • 🎤COMPATIBLE WITH MOST COMPUTER SETUPS: Compatible with Windows 98SE / 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10, OSX and macOS | Cable supports USB 2.0 and 1.1 standards
  • 🎤PACKAGE CONTENTS: 1x XLR Female to USB Cable | Microphone must support XLR connection for use