HDE Wipeable Changing Pad Cover Waterproof Diaper Changing Mat Changing Pads for Baby

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Every parents worst nightmare is to be out at the mall, ball game, or restaurant and the little one has an explosive diaper. You take them to the closet bathroom, open the door and it looks like a war zone and you both will need tetanus shots after the entire experience. Wouldn't it be great if you didn't need to sanitize every surface before putting your screaming baby on the disgusting changing station? Well, with the HDE Waterproof diaper changing pad, most of those worries are taken away. Foldable and easy to throw into any bag while traveling, the waterproof changing pad ensures that you have a clean surface to change that diaper. Its wipeable surface makes for an easy clean up amking it completely reuseable, saving the environment from the countless disopable options (your local landfill will thank you).

  • Travel friendly for moms on the go - portable and lightweight | Changing mat can be folded up and put in any purse
  • Easy to wash - Waterproof, non-toxic surface protects your little one's bum from dirty surfaces and its wipe clean material makes it affordably reuseable
  • Large surface size guarantees you wont need to coat your baby's whole body in hand sanitizer after using a public restroom changing station
  • Reusable waterproof changing pad cover has a cute stylish design
  • Extra large changing surface measures 23.25" x 14.75" |Folded measurement: 12"x 7.5"