HDE Women's High Waist Fold Over Elastic Long Summer Maxi Skirt

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Looking to liven up your Spring and Summer wardrobes? Let us help with these wonderful full length skirts. Made of cotton, this knit material is both breathable and soft.Great silhouette, elegant in design, and crafted for total comfort and light enough for all day wear at the beach, but also heavy enough to keep out a summer chill.These skirts will bring some new color in to the life of your wardrobe as you relax in the sun, wander the festivals, or just want to have a casual day out at the mall or on campus.

  • 97% Cotton / 3% Spandex
  • SIZING UPDATED 4/4/18 | Please choose your size based on your natural waist measurement: (S) 26-27” (L) 30-31" (XL) 32-33"
  • Length Measurements: (S) 42" (L) 45" (XL) 45.5"
  • Lightweight, unlined, solid-color, A-line, bohemian style skirt
  • Mopping floor length with big hem, perfect for beach wearing
  • Wide waistband can be worn high-waisted or folded over for a low rise look